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8 giugno 2013 6 08 /06 /giugno /2013 16:57

oreca 03 nissan lm 2013

_naca air brakes reduction

Oreca 03 lmp2 NACA LOW





oreca 03 nissan lm 2013 rear evo

_new strakes and flaps (yellow arrows)

oreca 03 nissan strakes LM2013 Low





lotus t128 lmp2 praga

front diffuser

_left spa 2013 with strakes (violet arrow)

_right lm test 2013 with gurneys on trailing edge diffuser (red arrows)

LotusLMP2 FFender LOWER






audi r18 e-tron long tail

front diffuser with different vortex generators position

Audi r18 HY FFenderr 2013 Low





zytek caterham lmp2 louvers

_left evo 2013

ZytekCath 2013 Louvers Low





toyota lmp1 h new end ffender flaps

_2013 lm test


Toyota FrontFenderSide LMtestLow





lola rebellion dive plan under big louver

Lola REB FlapFPod Low





lola rebellion front fender

skin on face of f_fender  (yellow arrow)+ vertical flap (hpd style)

Lola REB Winglet FF LM2013 LOW



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