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2 luglio 2012 1 02 /07 /luglio /2012 15:43

dome lmp1 inner front fender

a hollow inside the fender to prevent friction for use of big wheels

DomeS102 InnerFFender low






toyota lmp1 front fender side view

_front fender with an inedit high cut for air brakes exit

Toyota FrontFenderFlux low





dome s102.5 front fender

_body extension on inner edge of front fender for air brake vent exit_red arrow

DomeS102 ShutterPanels2012 LMRLow





lola lmp1 rebellion

_small cut on the cover of the  air intake of the brakes_yellow

lola 12 60 LMP1 front LMans2012 Low





oreca 03 lmp2 rear diffuser with  vortex generator s strakes

Oreca 03Nissan rearDiffuser low





oreca lmp2 nissan front diffuser with vortex generator_in yellow/red arrow

Oreca 03Nissan NoseBackView Low





audi r18 e-tron  front duct  lower air brakes is a wing profile

r18 brakes wingDuct copia low

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