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9 maggio 2014 5 09 /05 /maggio /2014 22:23

audi r18  lm rear fender

_vertical louver

r18 RearLouversLM2014 LOW





audi r18 airbrakes duct lm


Audi R18 HY FBrakes Duct2 LOW





audi r18 airbrakes duct

_left_#3 lm_right_#2

Audi R18 HY FBrakes Duct LOW





porsche 919 fuel centraline twins

Porsche919 Fuel centraline LOW





toyota ts040 vs rebellion r-one inlet fuel centraline

Toyota ts040 FuelCentraline LOW





toyota tso40 ffender bhh

Toyota ts040 FFenderBHH LOW





toyota tso40 rear fender bhh

Toyota ts040 RFenderBHHoles LOW





porsche 919 h front fender bhh

Porsche919 FFenderBHH LOW





porsche 919 h rear fender bhh

Porsche919 RearFenderBHH LOW





audi front fender bhh

_l version

r18 e tron FFbbHoleLM2014 LM LOW

_K version

r18 e tron FFbbHoleLM2014 K LOW

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4 maggio 2014 7 04 /05 /maggio /2014 18:34

rebellion r-one

_peugeot 908 evo_violet

_oreca 03_orange

_toyota ts030/ts040_green

Rebellion R One Side LOW





rebellion r-one diffuser

_diffuser (oreca 03) trailinf edge (toy ts 040)

Rebellion R One Front LOW





rebellion r-one rear

winglet same oreca 03

Rebellion R One rear LOW





rebellion r-one ffender


Rebellion R One FFender LOWer






rebellion r-one inner nose flaps

Rebellion R One InnerNose LOW



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4 maggio 2014 7 04 /05 /maggio /2014 01:02

porsche 919h rear wing gurney

Porsche919 Rear Spa LOW-copia-1






porsche 919h fdiffuser vortex generator?!?

Porsche919 FFenderVG LOW





audi r18 gurney

_left #1_right_#2

Audi R18 rearTop 2014 Spa LOWer



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23 aprile 2014 3 23 /04 /aprile /2014 21:21

audi r18 louvers evo

_left_monza test_paul ricard

r18 e tron Front2014 LM LOW

_left_prologue pr _right_presentation

r18 e tron Front2014 PR LOW





audi r18 evo for le mans front fender

_left_monza test_right_silverstone

r18 e tron FFender2014 Monza LOW





audi r18 evo for le mans (long tail)rear

_left silverstone_right_monza test

Audi R18 rearTop spa 2014 LOW







audi r18 evo for le mans (long tail)

_test monza


Audi R18 HY LT LOW

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18 aprile 2014 5 18 /04 /aprile /2014 10:29

audi r18 front louver angle system (red arrow)

Audi r18 HY FLouvers 2014 LOW






audi r18 front wings (diffuser)


_2014_right (work in progress)

Audi r18 HY Fdiffusers 2014 LOWW


Audi r18 HY FdiffuserWing2 LOW






toyota ts040 vortex generator

_in yellow (i think?!?) two strakes inside ffender tunnel

Toyota ts040 VG LOW





porsche 919 h nu blade

Porsche919 Inner Front B LOW


PorscheLMP1 StrakesB LOW




toyota ts040

_fin under the inclined plane + strake

Toyota ts040 uBodyFin2 LOW





toyota ts040

_fin under the inclined plane

Toyota ts040 uBodyFin LOW

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28 marzo 2014 5 28 /03 /marzo /2014 21:10

toyota ts040

_two flaps in the tunnel between the front fender and the side pod

Toyota ts040 Front LOW





porsche 919 h underbody view

_the edge of front floor is not linear (aero solution underfloor)

Porsche 919 Hybrid Underview LOW






porsche 919h  vs audi r18 h intake inside strakes

_left audi_:right porsche

Porsche919 Vs R18 Strakes LOW






porsche 919 h inner cooling duct

Porsche919 Inner Front LOW





toyota ts040 front air brakes duct differences

_left open front nose car_right close front nose car

Toyota ts040 FDuct LOW





audi r18 2014 airbrakes duct is +/- same

Audi R18 HY Brakes Duct LOW





porsche 919 h brakes

 a double brakes cooling

classic duct (no  visible in the drawing) and an inlet in blade carbon fiber (yellow arrow)

nu strakes generation (red arrows)

Porsche 919 Hybrid FBreak LOWer





porsche 919 h sidepod holes

_flap inside and inlets for centraline?


PorscheLMP1 SidepodHole LOWER








porsche 919 h rear fender

_flap inside fender

Porsche919 RearFender LOWer

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27 marzo 2014 4 27 /03 /marzo /2014 21:37

toyota ts040 front diffuser trailing edge flap

_ts040 with gurney


TS040 H FlapEdgeDif VS TS030





toyota ts040 front nose

_double version

Toyota ts040 Nose LOWER




toyota ts040

rear wing old school end plate

Toyota ts040 RearWing LOW





toyota ts040

front fender holes (back view)

Toyota ts040 FFenderT LOW

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26 marzo 2014 3 26 /03 /marzo /2014 16:32

deltawing rear

_left_2014 sebring with traditional gurney s and rear wing (red arrow)


DW2014 Rear LOW

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26 marzo 2014 3 26 /03 /marzo /2014 16:22

onroak ligier lmp2

_nu front nose dutc

_old horizontal winglet (audi r15)

Oak Ligier FrontNose LOW





onroak ligier lmp2

_sidepod vent exit (red arrow)

_inedit fine-tooth comb barge boards

Oak Ligier Sidepod LOW

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21 marzo 2014 5 21 /03 /marzo /2014 17:33

perrinn lmp1 front diffuser

_2014 rules

Perrinn FDiffuser LOW

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