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2 agosto 2013 5 02 /08 /agosto /2013 16:35

audi r8 page >>>>>

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18 luglio 2013 4 18 /07 /luglio /2013 13:24

delta wing lm12 new side pod brakes duct

_2013 version is above mouth radiator

DW DutcSidePod Low





delta wing lm12 new side pod ducts

2013_lime rock extension of tunnel diffuser + duct (orange arrows)

2013_mosport second duct (violet arrow)

DW SidePod Low





delta wing lm12 new engine cover with louvers (lime rock)

DW Engine cover Low

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3 luglio 2013 3 03 /07 /luglio /2013 15:13

toyota hy side

above lm evo

TS030 H Side LOW






toyota hy rear

left lm evo

TS030 H Rear LOW





toyota hy front inside

right lm evo

TS030 H Front Chassis LOW





toyota hy front

left lm evo

TS030 H Front LOW






toyota ts030 diffuser edge

#8 with fin


TS030 H FlapEdgeDiff A-B LOWER







toyota ts030 engine duct

left #7_righ t#8

TS030 H EngDuct LOW





audi r18 hy front diffuse

left_long tail_right_kurt version

Audi r18 HY Fdiffusers 2013 LOW








audi r18 hy front diffuser long tail

Audi r18 HY Fdiffuser LT 2013 LOW





audi r18 hy front diffusercurved central edge

Audi R18 diffus t edge LOW

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8 giugno 2013 6 08 /06 /giugno /2013 16:57

oreca 03 nissan lm 2013

_naca air brakes reduction

Oreca 03 lmp2 NACA LOW





oreca 03 nissan lm 2013 rear evo

_new strakes and flaps (yellow arrows)

oreca 03 nissan strakes LM2013 Low





lotus t128 lmp2 praga

front diffuser

_left spa 2013 with strakes (violet arrow)

_right lm test 2013 with gurneys on trailing edge diffuser (red arrows)

LotusLMP2 FFender LOWER






audi r18 e-tron long tail

front diffuser with different vortex generators position

Audi r18 HY FFenderr 2013 Low





zytek caterham lmp2 louvers

_left evo 2013

ZytekCath 2013 Louvers Low





toyota lmp1 h new end ffender flaps

_2013 lm test


Toyota FrontFenderSide LMtestLow





lola rebellion dive plan under big louver

Lola REB FlapFPod Low





lola rebellion front fender

skin on face of f_fender  (yellow arrow)+ vertical flap (hpd style)

Lola REB Winglet FF LM2013 LOW



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4 giugno 2013 2 04 /06 /giugno /2013 15:47

zytek-caterham z11 sn lmp2 front evo

left grave _right caterham

ZytekCath 2013 front LOW

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14 maggio 2013 2 14 /05 /maggio /2013 14:00

lola toyota reb lmp1 front end diffuser

knife split  tunnel edge

Lola REB FdiffuserEdge2 Low

Lola REB FdiffuserEdge Low






toyota lmp1 rear fender

side slot exit vent

toyTS030 RearWinglet LOW

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9 maggio 2013 4 09 /05 /maggio /2013 19:35

audi r18 hy blown diffuser

_gas exit in ducts between edge diffuser and wheel

Audi r18 HY rear Coanda Def Low

Audi R18 BlownDiffuser Low

Audi R18 Gas X LOWER



for more info mulsanne's corner


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3 maggio 2013 5 03 /05 /maggio /2013 21:01

toyota ts030 nose closed front chassis

return to past small evo

Toyota Hybrid TS030 FrontFlux2013 Low






audi r18h rear inner flap evo

_extension of flaps in long tail (red arrow)2013

_flaps in short tail 2012/13

Audi r18 HY FullRear 2013LT LOW

Audi r18 HY FullRear 2013K LOWer





toyota ts030 ffender side view



Toyota TS030 FFenderSV 2013LOW

Toyota TS030 FFenderSV 2012LOW





toyota ts030 ffender end extension evo


_2013_ paul ricard

Toyota FrontFenderSide SpaLow





audi r18 long tail nose bach view

_left short tail_right_long tail

AudiR18 Back Nose 2013 LOW





audi r18 long tail rear body

_left_long tail_right_short tail

Audi r18 HY rear LT low





toyota lmp1 nu blades with teeth

left 2013 nose closed_right 2012 nose opened

toy ts030H noseClose Lower






lotus front diffuser blades

LotusLMP2 Blades LOW





audi r18h blown diffuser exhaust system



Audi R18 Gas LOW



for more info facebook mulsanne's corner / er quinta





lotus t128 vs audi r18 h

LotusLMP2 Front Low

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29 aprile 2013 1 29 /04 /aprile /2013 23:57

toyota ts030 rear winglet evo + three vertical slots on end diffuser

_left_2013_right paul ricard test 2013

TS030 reaedgerwing Spa2013Lower


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23 aprile 2013 2 23 /04 /aprile /2013 18:59

audi r18 nu aerodinamyc for le mans

new extra long rear

_left silverstone_right_test monza 2013

Audi r18 HY rear TestMonza2013Low





audi r18 nu aerodynamic for le mans

front diffuser_new trailing edge in toyota style

r18 e tron Front2013 TestMonzaLow

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