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4 aprile 2013 4 04 /04 /aprile /2013 11:24

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great 11 posters lemansprototypes

pearl paper 180 gr  30x40cm


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Poster low copia


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1 aprile 2013 1 01 /04 /aprile /2013 12:47

lotus praga t128 lmp2 front fender

LotusLMP2 Front Fender LOW





lotus praga t128 lmp2 rear

LotusLMP2 REAR Loww






lotus praga t128 lmp2 side

_real car


LotusLMP2 side 2013 LOW


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30 marzo 2013 6 30 /03 /marzo /2013 11:19

lola rebellion nu rear wing back view

_left 2013_right_2012

Lola REB Winglet Low




lola rebellion nu rear wing front view

_left 2013_right_2012

Lola REB Winglet FV Low

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29 marzo 2013 5 29 /03 /marzo /2013 12:48

audi r18 h bubble inrear fender

Audi r18 HY RearFender bubble LOW

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28 marzo 2013 4 28 /03 /marzo /2013 19:03

radical sr9   >>>>>

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26 marzo 2013 2 26 /03 /marzo /2013 21:19

lemansprototypes on 24h-lemans

a pannullo




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12 marzo 2013 2 12 /03 /marzo /2013 14:09

audi r18 e-tron side  ffender evo with nu bhhole and two inner dive planes

AudiR18 H FF Seb 2013 LOW

AudiR18FFender2013 LOW



audi r18 e-tron hybrid system cooling duct ?!# (rebuilt on sebring qualifying crash shoot)

_duct front view

_duct rear view

AudiR18NoseDuctFW2 Low

AudiR18NoseDuctRW Low




deltawing rear flaps?!# (the car use it just in pit up/down)

DeltaWing Rear Flaps Low





deltawing nu ducts refreshing rear view



DeltaWing Rear BLowe

DeltaWing Rear ALow






deltawing nu ducts refreshing

_left_sebring 2013_right_lm2012

DW2013 copiabLow





audi r18 h rear winglet with nolder (red arrow)

Audi R8R RearWinglet Low

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19 febbraio 2013 2 19 /02 /febbraio /2013 23:07

ts030 evo 2013 rear wing trailing edge


TS030 reaedgerwing Low





ts030 evo 2013 front nose

airbrake  and airflow duct? same lola b10/60 (2011)

Toyota TS030 FBduct Low






ts030 evo 2013 side pod flaps


Toyota TS030 3FlapsLow





ts030 evo 2013




toyTS030 Evo2013Blow  toyTS030 Evo2013Lowee

toyTS030 Evo2012LoWe





toypta ts030 front fender side view

2013_without cut for airbrake exit and triple inner flaps

2012_with cut for airbrake exit and double inner flaps

Toyota FrontFenderSide2013Low

Toyota FrontFenderSide Low





toyota lmp1 hybrid rear evolution/involution

left_2013_right 2012 body rear trailing edge is not horizontal

toyTS030 top 2013 Lowee



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19 febbraio 2013 2 19 /02 /febbraio /2013 00:04

audi r8r page >>>>>

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9 febbraio 2013 6 09 /02 /febbraio /2013 15:18

hpd lmp1 arx 03c  inner  front fender



HPDARX-03C Inner FFbsLow


HPDARX-03C Inner FFasLow

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