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27 aprile 2012 5 27 /04 /aprile /2012 15:17

audi r18 front

left_e-tron right_ultra

r18 e tron vs ultra lower





audi r18 rear

_r18 ultra

_r18 e-tron

Audi r18 e tron rear lower

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19 aprile 2012 4 19 /04 /aprile /2012 23:41

dome s102.5 2012 vs dome s102 2008

Dome S102-5 Judd 2012 low





dome s102.5 nu air scope engine_above

DomeS102 Air 2012 low

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15 aprile 2012 7 15 /04 /aprile /2012 17:51

hpd arx 03a  fin attached to the rear wing pylons

HPDARX-03a Seb2012 Fin low





lola dyson lmp1 three ducts

Dyson Lola B1260 Duct low


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14 aprile 2012 6 14 /04 /aprile /2012 17:39

lemansprototypes on how it works issue 31 2012

How It Works Issue 31 2012low

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8 aprile 2012 7 08 /04 /aprile /2012 00:02

dome lmp1 team pescarolo

front fender back view

_left  2012 large version with vent exit first of shutter panels

_ right  2008 spa / le mans version

DomeS102 ShutterPanels2012 low





dome s102.5 lmp1

rear bodywork

above last evo with new fin and bhh

DomeS102 Rear 5 low





dome s102.5 pescarolo team

_2012 front fender_left 

_2008 front fender_right

DomeS102 5E FF 2012 low

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31 marzo 2012 6 31 /03 /marzo /2012 18:59

zytek lmp2 front fender bhholes

Zytek lmp2 BHH low





oreca 03 nissan front diffuser

_left 2012  new end edge tunnel (red arrows) and vortex generators

_right 2011

Oreca 03 diffuser2012 low





oreca 03 fin detail

Oreca 03 Nissan Fin low

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22 marzo 2012 4 22 /03 /marzo /2012 12:48

audi r18 hybrid rear evo

Audi r18 HY rear lower





audi r18 tdi evo

_2012 hybrid

Audi-R18-TDI HY 2012 lower

_2011 evo

Audi-R18-TDI 2011 low


Audi-R18-TDI 2010 low


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19 marzo 2012 1 19 /03 /marzo /2012 12:57

rebellion lola toyota lmp1 sebring 2012

_front diffuser with new strakes_left

Lola Toy back nose 2012low





greaves motorsport zytek nissan z11 sn lmp2

_front frnder dive planes

_above a skin for close the tunnel between horizontal dive plane and bodywork

zytek front diveplane low





greaves motorsport zytek nissan z11 sn lmp2

_rear with new  planes to close a rear fender

_left sebring 2012  right season 2011

Zytek z11SN rear 2012 low





hpd arx03a front nose back view

HDP ARX03A back nose lower





lola lmp2 front nose back view

Lola b12 80 back nose low




for more info visit  mulsanne's corner


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15 marzo 2012 4 15 /03 /marzo /2012 21:17

lola b12/80 lmp2 gulf racing middle east

details of air duct engine

Lola Gulf lmp2 airscope low





lola gulf racing middle east lmp2

rear bodywork trailing edge include gurney s flap_above

LolaLMP2 12 rear lower





lola dyson lmp1

rear bodywork trailing edge include gurney s flap_above

LolaLMP1 12 rear low





hpd arx 03b free test

_air duct for the brakes is a single piece with the blades of diffuser

HPD arx03b strakes low

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15 marzo 2012 4 15 /03 /marzo /2012 16:17

delta wing nissan

_front air brakes duct

DW duct low

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