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7 novembre 2011 1 07 /11 /novembre /2011 17:09

audi r18 vs dome s102 chassis

DomeS102 vs AudiR18 low

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1 novembre 2011 2 01 /11 /novembre /2011 11:16

oreca lc70 nu add >>>>>

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25 ottobre 2011 2 25 /10 /ottobre /2011 12:20

new adds

acura arx-01 >>>>>

porsche rs spyder >>>>>

audi r10 >>>>>

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14 ottobre 2011 5 14 /10 /ottobre /2011 19:08

lola rebellion front nose back view

_open version_imola/estoril with end blames curved red arrow

_closed version_24h lm with linear blames red arrow and inlet s cooling brakes

Lola Toy back nose lm imola lo

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13 ottobre 2011 4 13 /10 /ottobre /2011 16:00

delta wing in black vs amr-one in red side view

DWside low





delta wing in black vs amr-one in red front view

note the bodywork of amr is mirrored

DW low

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26 settembre 2011 1 26 /09 /settembre /2011 21:03

peugeot 908 rear bodywork testing

_low center for #8

_linear for#7

Peugeot 908 Rear PLM low





oak pescarolo rear diffuser strakes

left lmp1 car right lmp2 car

Pescarolo Rear Oak 2011 plm low





audi r18  front diffuser

left petil le mans   

right 24h le mans with strakes  red arrow

r18 diffuser PLm vs Lm loow





oreca 03 nissan signtech nu dive plane

Oreca 03Nissan FlapNose lower





oreca 03 nissan lmp2 resr diffuser strakes vortex generator

oreca 03 nissan strakes low





r18 rear brake duct double flux effect

breakes cooling + aerodinamic downforce [ vertical splitter red arrow]

r18duct fx lo





r18 new air brake duct road atlanta 2011

r18 front lowlow


more info

mulsanne's corner / petit le mans

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19 settembre 2011 1 19 /09 /settembre /2011 13:52

oreca 03 nissan lmp2 signtech

double duct cooling

oreca nissan low






audi r18 lower rear wheel has different surfaces

_concave red arrow

_convex yellow arrow





lola lmp2 judd bmw front

_ high drag config curved sutter panel and three dive planes _ left

_ low drag config flat shutter panel and covered dive plane reces _ right

lola pecom front low




peugeot 908 24h le mans

_front diffuser strakes short

_little lips ahead barge board





lola toyota lmp1 rebellion rear wing

_winter test outbord bodywork in red

_ilmc races inboard bodywork in black

  LolaLMP1 toyrear wing low

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11 settembre 2011 7 11 /09 /settembre /2011 16:15

lola pecom lmp2 b11/40

_sidepod radiator vent exit silverstone 2011

_sidepod imola 2011

lola pecom side pod SilvLow





_silverstone 2011 different panels same front

_imola 2011 in red 24h lm in yellow different panels different front

 r18 front V2 Silverstone





 audi r18 rear silverstone 2011 different directions

_bodywork spa version with rear end fender squared

_bodywork imola version

  rear sidepod imola silver





lola lmp1 toyota rear bodywork with gurney s flap

LolaLMp1Toy Rear lower





lola lmp1 toyota air scoop engine

_silverstone 2011

_imola 2011

Lola Toy top low

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9 settembre 2011 5 09 /09 /settembre /2011 18:49

lola mazda lmp1 dyson turbo and brake inlet evo IV

Lola Dyson BaltimoreLowIV

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8 settembre 2011 4 08 /09 /settembre /2011 16:12

lister storm h and porsche rs evo new pics

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