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18 marzo 2011 5 18 /03 /marzo /2011 21:03

amr-one first test

_very hot-rod exhaust

_front single dive plane

_duct for radiator s cooling [same amr-lola?!?] green arrow

_all side pod for drag effect ?!? blu arrow

AMR exaust low

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16 marzo 2011 3 16 /03 /marzo /2011 00:59

audi r15+

front diffuser with vortex generators

R15 underwing low



peugeot 908 undernose

908 in black  908 hdi fap in red

908 underwing low



Lola lmp2

lola honda vs lola judd different ways of engine cooling

lola S fin judd honda low



acura arx lmp1

_new cuts for exit of hot air brakes above and to the side of front fender

_nu flap horizontal between two flaps vertical

HR arx1e nose lower

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14 marzo 2011 1 14 /03 /marzo /2011 17:18

pescarolo team lmp1 rear

left  2011 right 2009 

Pescarolo Rear 2011 low



lola  b11/40 lmp2

detail of the fin

lola S fin low

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11 marzo 2011 5 11 /03 /marzo /2011 21:51

arx1 e

the high front fender and the two vertical flaps

HR arx1e flap low




hpd arx 1 rear

left 1e  highcroft  right 1d rml

iendplane wing and tail are different

lower outboard bodywork are same

HDP rear lower



hpd arz 01 e_volution

side view in black arx 2011 see arrows for bodywork evolution

HR arx1e side low



arx 01 front in red 2010 version in black 2011 rendering

HR arx1e front low

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11 marzo 2011 5 11 /03 /marzo /2011 18:09

pescarolo lmp1

left 2009 version right 2011 with tail rounded above and nu air intake for the brake in the belly

PescaroloSide2011 low copia

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8 marzo 2011 2 08 /03 /marzo /2011 11:36
it is a space dedicated to cars LMP
and to their developments with the only support of the design.
this space shall be only another point of view on the cars endurance.
i take the opportunity to greet and thank all the technical,
photographers and journalists and fans
that  have always supported me every time
i asked them information, or simple photographic material reports,
recalling that the material is available to all.
good vision
antonio pannullo

r18 f flux low

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4 marzo 2011 5 04 /03 /marzo /2011 11:05

pescarolo oak

new linear tail right

Pescarolo tail Oak low

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13 febbraio 2011 7 13 /02 /febbraio /2011 12:48

lola level 5

left a skin above the channel between the nose and  front fender with a small cut to cool the brakes

Lola Nose5 low



radical nissan

sebring 2011 new splitter and new bodywork for front suspension upper arm

Radical-SR low



winter test  view side

_2011 version nose and hi-tail in black but without fin and radiator panel  with double cut for air exit  in red

_2010 version in blu

Radical side low



oreca 3


Oreca rear 2011Test low




new peugeot 908

right side

Peugeot 908 Front low+ 



908 fap vs 908 side view

Peugeot 908 Side low+



rear  left 2011 right 2010

Peugeot908 rear low+



908 3/4 view

Peugeot 908 RearWing low+



audi r18

rear  wing lower  and one central support

exhaust one shot

fin angle


rear fender very long 

sidepod airflow low+



r15 plus vs r18 side

r18 Side low+



r18 vs r15 plus front nose

R18 frontwing low+




r15 plus vs r18 rear

r18 Rear low+

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