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  • HPD ARX 04b

    14 gennaio 2015

    hpd arx 04b rear fendet detail acura arx-02 front diffuser are same hpd arx 04b front diffuser hpd arx 04b rear hpd arx 04b front fendet under flap flux hpd arx 04b front fendet bhh flux

  • Porsche 919H 2018

    09 aprile 2018

    porsche 919h record porsche 919h front left_prologue 2017_right_spa 2018 porsche 919h rear left_prologue 2017_right_spa 2018 porsche 919h side above_prologue 2017 below_spa 2018 porsche 919h edge floor sidepod blade porsche 919h rear diffuser technical...

  • Paul Ricard Prologue 2015

    31 marzo 2015

    new bargeboards _toyota ts040 [with finger on wheel s castle_in violet] toyota ts040 new bargeboard back pneus spitted left_2015_right 2014 porsche 919 h audi r18 porsche 919 h trailing edge gurney?! (yellow) porsche 919 h right sidepod naca

  • 24H Le Mans 2019

    06 giugno 2019

    bykolles lmp1 splitter and second wind in ldforce are same bykolles lmp1 splitter use vgs toyota lmp1 undercar tools ligier jsp2 diffuser left_hdforce_right_ldforce dallara p217 splitter vg for le mans aerokit (yellow)

  • Oldies----

    27 maggio 2015

    ligier js p2 nose evo ligier js p2 inner nose evo ligier js p2 front diffuser evo lola rebellion strakes b60/10 lola rebellion strakes lola b60/12

  • Audi R18 2015

    06 marzo 2015

    audi r18 2015 left_sebring test 2015_right lm 2014 audi r18 2015 ffender back view _sebring 2015 _le mans 2014 audi r18 2015 strake (ts040 style) audi r18 2015 rear left_2015 vs right_lm 2014 audi r18 2015 nose pylons

  • BR1 lmp1 2018

    31 luglio 2018

    br1 dallara front aerokit _left_low drag_right_high drag br1 dallara bboards br1 dallara curved footplane br1 dallara front splitter br1 lmp1 bboards sidepod (low and high drag) see also br1 2017

  • BR01 lmp2

    20 febbraio 2016

    br01 front br01 rear br01 front diffuser strakes br01 front diffuser strakes (back view) br01 sidepod

  • Toyota TS 050

    23 marzo 2016

    toyota ts 050 front _left 050_right_t040 toyota ts 050 front prologue 2016 _left high drag_right_low drag toyota ts 050 rear prologue 2016 _left high drag_right_low drag toyota ts 050 side prologue 2016 _ high drag _low drag [yellow] toyota ts 050 bhhole...

  • LMP2 aero configurations

    28 settembre 2020

    oreca 07 lmp2 hdf ldf dallara p217 lmp2 hdf ldf ligier jsp 2017 lmp2 hdf ldf rebellion r13 lmp1 hdf ldf

  • Pills

    08 settembre 2020

    toyota lmp1 f-duct inner nose bykolles lmp1 front fender edge splitter bykolles lmp1 rear fender tunnel structure oreca 07 lmp2 bboard side pod extencion

  • Peugeot 9X8

    14 novembre 2021

    peugeot 9x8 top view flux peugeot 9x8 rear without wing peugeot 9x8 end front wheel flow diverters peugeot 9x8 front tunnel vortex generators

  • Ferrari 499P

    15 novembre 2022

    ferrari 499p front nose with three wings ferrari 499p first frame of front splitter is very short (yellow arrows) ferrari 499p rear wings (the 3 number return _ in yellow the gurney s see in the monza tests) ferrari 499p entire outer trailing edge of...

  • Evolutions of the end of e of season 2014

    03 dicembre 2014

    toyota ts040 vg evo _left Shanghai_right fuji toyota ts040 vg evo _above the right form of vg _below the second blade is too short (my mistake) rebellion r-one cur cover engine barhain lotus lmp1 intakes cover engine + gurney s _left fuji_right pre

  • 6H Spa 2015

    29 aprile 2015

    lotus kolles lmp1 front 2015 _left spa_right silverstone lotus kolles lmp1 front fender _spa 2015 _silverstone 2015 lotus kolles lmp1 rear 2015 _left spa_right silverstone

  • 6h Mexico 2016

    03 settembre 2016

    audi r18 h vent exit rear inside (multiple tunnels) audi r18 h rear flux inside Inner view) audi r18 h front 2nd wing with cuts to the trailing edge br01 nu brakes duct (left)

  • Nissan GT-R LM test Austin

    30 luglio 2015

    nu airbrakes front duct (left) nu airbrakes front duct inside airbrakes front duct inside le mans 2015 rear gurney on vertical + horizontal trailing edge (blu arrows)

  • COTA 2015

    08 ottobre 2015

    audi r18 inner nose hole (yellow) audi rear fender duct nissan lmp1 hole side rear fender _left nissan lmp1 hole nu trailing edge front diffuser_right

  • Audi r18 HY pills

    28 novembre 2015

    audu r18 inner nose holes left_shanghai_right_fuji audu r18 front fender nose hole left_bahrain (without hole)_right_shanghai audu r18 rear evo _left_nurburgring_right__lm audu r18 rear evo left_nurburgring_right_fuji

  • 6h Nurburgring 2015

    29 agosto 2015

    porsche 919h front _left nurb 2015_right lm 2015 porsche 919h rear _left nurb 2015_right lm 2015 porsche 919h with a 3rd b board in r18 2014 style lotus lmp1 kolles front fender evo + vg (front yiew in orange)

  • Road Atlanta 2014

    03 ottobre 2014

    delta wing front nu aero updates rear (put different wings) _left road atlanta 2014_right 2013 delta wing front nu aero updates front _left road atlanta 2014_right 2013 delta wing front nu aero updates (nose two different solutions) delta wing front nu...

  • LM Test 2014

    31 maggio 2014

    audi r18 exhaust _left k version_right lm version porsche 919h front fender porsche 919h rear luover _left lm test_right spa rebellion r-one rear strakes rebellion r-one new cover fuel centraline _left lm test_right spa oak ligier js p2 side pod radiator...

  • 2019/2020 LMP1 LMP2 cars detals

    10 ottobre 2019

    ginetta lt g60 p1 bboards ginetta lt g60 p1 bboards flux underfloor dallara front diffuser

  • 6H Shanghai 2017

    05 novembre 2017

    toyota ts050 nu aerokit rear left_fuji_right_shanghai toyota ts050 nu aerokit front winglet toyota ts050 nu aerokit undernose 16 vg (yellow) [in config le man] + two (orange)

  • Porsche 919 H 2016

    04 aprile 2016

    porsche 919 h rear prologue 2016 porsche 919 h rear wing trail _left_prologue 2016_right_LM 2015 porsche 919 h front diffuser [same 2015]

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