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  • Lotus Kolles CLM P1/01 evo 6H Spa

    01 agosto 2015

    lotus lmp1evo _silverstone 2015_left_spa 2015_right lotus lmp1evo front fender curved spa lotus lmp1 strakes (silverstone)

  • dalle Gruppo C ai Prototipi ibridi - from Group C to Hybrid Prototypes

    20 settembre 2021

    dalle Gruppo C ai Prototipi ibridi - from Group C to Hybrid Prototypes Riccardo Romanelli/Antonio Pannullo/Marco Zanello Formato: 24.3x27 cm - Pagine: 192 - Foto: centinaia di disegni a colori - Brossura con alette - Testo: italiano-inglese - Collana:...

  • Animations

    31 dicembre 2019

    Bentley exp8 peugeot 905

  • 6H Fuji 2017

    28 ottobre 2017

    toyota ts50 rear gurney (yellow) _left_fuji_right_cota porsche 919h bboards extension (yellow)

  • Audi R18 2017

    20 dicembre 2016

    audi r18_2017 flux audi r18 front _left_2016_right_2017

  • Fuji 2015

    20 ottobre 2015

    audi r18 front nose (mix spa + lm) _left fuji_right cota audi r18 front side _cota _fuji

  • Gibson 015S

    01 marzo 2015

    gibson 015s lmp2 zytek lmp2 2014

  • Winter 2011

    13 febbraio 2011

    lola level 5 left a skin above the channel between the nose and front fender with a small cut to cool the brakes radical nissan sebring 2011 new splitter and new bodywork for front suspension upper arm winter test view side _2011 version nose and hi-tail...

  • Let s go!

    08 marzo 2011

    it is a space dedicated to cars LMP and to their developments with the only support of the design. this space shall be only another point of view on the cars endurance. i take the opportunity to greet and thank all the technical, photographers and journalists...

  • HPD ARX 01 e

    11 marzo 2011

    arx1 e the high front fender and the two vertical flaps hpd arx 1 rear left 1e highcroft right 1d rml iendplane wing and tail are different lower outboard bodywork are same hpd arz 01 e_volution side view in black arx 2011 see arrows for bodywork evolution...

  • LMP1 details

    09 maggio 2014

    audi r18 lm rear fender _vertical louver audi r18 airbrakes duct lm audi r18 airbrakes duct _left_#3 lm_right_#2 porsche 919 fuel centraline twins toyota ts040 vs rebellion r-one inlet fuel centraline toyota tso40 ffender bhh toyota tso40 rear fender...

  • 6H Silverstone 2014

    18 aprile 2014

    audi r18 front louver angle system (red arrow) audi r18 front wings (diffuser) _2013_left _2014_right (work in progress) toyota ts040 vortex generator _in yellow (i think?!?) two strakes inside ffender tunnel porsche 919 h nu blade toyota ts040 _fin under...

  • Paul Ricard Test 2014

    28 marzo 2014

    toyota ts040 _two flaps in the tunnel between the front fender and the side pod porsche 919 h underbody view _the edge of front floor is not linear (aero solution underfloor) porsche 919h vs audi r18 h intake inside strakes _left audi_:right porsche porsche...

  • Sebring Winter Test 2014

    12 marzo 2014

    audi r18 strake front diffuser audi r18 front fender back holes _left_monza test_right_sebring test split audi r18 rear _left sebring_right monza porsche 919 fronttop _left sebring_right presentation porsche 919 front _left sebring_right presentation...

  • 2013 LM Test

    08 giugno 2013

    oreca 03 nissan lm 2013 _naca air brakes reduction oreca 03 nissan lm 2013 rear evo _new strakes and flaps (yellow arrows) lotus t128 lmp2 praga front diffuser _left spa 2013 with strakes (violet arrow) _right lm test 2013 with gurneys on trailing edge...

  • FIA WEC Silverstone 2013

    16 aprile 2013

    audi r18 hybrid blown diffuser audi introduces the gas in the hole between the air brakes duct and the diffuser to generate coanda effect?!? for more see mulsannescorner.com lotus praga lmp2 front flow exit lotus lmp2 front suspensions lola rebellion...

  • Sebring 2013

    12 marzo 2013

    audi r18 e-tron side ffender evo with nu bhhole and two inner dive planes audi r18 e-tron hybrid system cooling duct ?!# (rebuilt on sebring qualifying crash shoot) _duct front view _duct rear view deltawing rear flaps?!# (the car use it just in pit up/down)...

  • Toyota Ts030 Evo 2013

    19 febbraio 2013

    ts030 evo 2013 rear wing trailing edge left_2013_right_2012 ts030 evo 2013 front nose airbrake and airflow duct? same lola b10/60 (2011) ts030 evo 2013 side pod flaps left_2013_right_2012 ts030 evo 2013 _2013b _2013a _2012 toypta ts030 front fender side...

  • 24H Le Mans Test Day +

    05 giugno 2012

    toyota ts030 aerodinamic _front diffuser blames toyota ts030 aerodinamic _louvers above front fender inner tunnel toyota ts030 aerodinamic _underbody floor with three vertical flaps oreca 03 lmp2 new bhholes front fender delta wing rear bodywork use a...

  • 12H Sebring 2012 +

    15 marzo 2012

    lola b12/80 lmp2 gulf racing middle east details of air duct engine lola gulf racing middle east lmp2 rear bodywork trailing edge include gurney s flap_above lola dyson lmp1 rear bodywork trailing edge include gurney s flap_above hpd arx 03b free test...

  • 6H IMOLA

    04 luglio 2011

    audi r18 imola 2011 _left 6h of imola aerokit right 24h le mans aerokit lola b11/40 lmp2 _blame s fender lola honda level 5 _blame s fender lola judd bmw pecom pescarolo imola 2011 _pescarolo oak lmp1-lmp2 radiators vent exit _pescarolo team front fender...

  • 24H LE MANS TEST 2011

    23 aprile 2011

    peugeot 908 le mans test left duct brakes type lm 2011 right duct brakes type sebring 2011 pescarolo oak left duct brakes cooling lmp1 right duct brakes cooling lmp2 pescarolo oak rear wing flap above with blistered black outlines le mans test 2011 amr-one...


    03 aprile 2011

    amr-one paul ricard 2011 nose back view amr-one paul ricard 2011 duct rear exit amr-one paul ricard 2011 _red arrow_duct for vent side exit _green arrows_ duct for brakes _blu arrows_double duct for cooling _yellow arrows_duct for vent rear exit for more...

  • SEBRING 2011

    16 marzo 2011

    audi r15+ front diffuser with vortex generators peugeot 908 undernose 908 in black 908 hdi fap in red Lola lmp2 lola honda vs lola judd different ways of engine cooling acura arx lmp1 _new cuts for exit of hot air brakes above and to the side of front...

  • Audi R18 2014

    17 dicembre 2013

    audi 2014 two front wings and diffuser blade audi 2014 spoon floor extension audi 2014 side cockpit duct audi 2014 new solutions _new vent exit in ffender _new inverted gurney s audi 2014 front view _left 2013_right 2014 audi 2014 rear view _left 2014_right...

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