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    07 giugno 2011

    audi r18 front diffuser [ back zone vortex generators it is a possible verification ] audi r18 front pescarolo lmp1 dact air bakes cooling inlet pescarolo oak lmp1 diffuser lola rebellion lm 2011 front fender back view oreca 03 outer edge left oreca racing...

  • Audi vs Toyota evolution for LM victory

    03 luglio 2013

    toyota hy side above lm evo toyota hy rear left lm evo toyota hy front inside right lm evo toyota hy front left lm evo toyota ts030 diffuser edge #8 with fin #7 toyota ts030 engine duct left #7_righ t#8 audi r18 hy front diffuse left_long tail_right_kurt...

  • Spa 2013

    03 maggio 2013

    toyota ts030 nose closed front chassis return to past small evo audi r18h rear inner flap evo _extension of flaps in long tail (red arrow)2013 _flaps in short tail 2012/13 toyota ts030 ffender side view _2013 _2012 toyota ts030 ffender end extension evo...

  • 24H Le Mans 2012 ++

    02 luglio 2012

    dome lmp1 inner front fender a hollow inside the fender to prevent friction for use of big wheels toyota lmp1 front fender side view _front fender with an inedit high cut for air brakes exit dome s102.5 front fender _body extension on inner edge of front...

  • 24H Le Mans 2012

    12 giugno 2012

    audi r18 e-tron inner front nose hybrid system duct cooling delta wing cutaway hpd arx 03a rear fender _le mans 2012_trailing edge in arx 1e style_left _spa 2012_trailing edge linear_right lola lmp1 b12/60 rebellion front nose back view lola lmp2 b12/80...

  • 24H Le Mans Test Day

    01 giugno 2012

    pescarolo 03 lmp1 inner tunnel front fender toyota ts030 rear wing hpd arx03b _new turbo duct and vertical flap front fender lmp1 style_in yellow_lm test 2012 _sebring 2012 lola b 12/60 rear fender all lolas lmp1/lmp2 have a concave rear fender (yellow)...

  • 6H Spa

    04 maggio 2012

    hpd arx03a jrm gurney s flap left_sebring 2012 right_spa 2012 audi r18 e-tron radiators _r18 e-tron 2012 _r18 2011 audi r18 e-tron brakes group left_r18 e-tron2012_rings around mirrored calipers and rotors right_r18 2011 norma m200p lmp2_fin audi r18...

  • 12H Sebring 2012 ++

    19 marzo 2012

    rebellion lola toyota lmp1 sebring 2012 _front diffuser with new strakes_left greaves motorsport zytek nissan z11 sn lmp2 _front frnder dive planes _above a skin for close the tunnel between horizontal dive plane and bodywork greaves motorsport zytek...


    19 settembre 2011

    oreca 03 nissan lmp2 signtech double duct cooling audi r18 lower rear wheel has different surfaces _concave red arrow _convex yellow arrow lola lmp2 judd bmw front _ high drag config curved sutter panel and three dive planes _ left _ low drag config flat...


    11 settembre 2011

    lola pecom lmp2 b11/40 _sidepod radiator vent exit silverstone 2011 _sidepod imola 2011 _silverstone 2011 different panels same front _imola 2011 in red 24h lm in yellow different panels different front audi r18 rear silverstone 2011 different directions...

  • PETIT LE MANS 2011

    26 settembre 2011

    peugeot 908 rear bodywork testing _low center for #8 _linear for#7 oak pescarolo rear diffuser strakes left lmp1 car right lmp2 car audi r18 front diffuser left petil le mans right 24h le mans with strakes red arrow oreca 03 nissan signtech nu dive plane...

  • 6H Fuji

    22 ottobre 2018

    toyota ts050 tail _small deflector is now attached to the body not to the side structure behind the rear wheel (same silverstone?!)

  • Toyota TS050 2019

    21 gennaio 2019

    toyota nu nose _no ff side intake_backward front edge_raised nose_pillars_nu ff hole_mirror inside_s-duct (?!?)

  • LMPrototypes on magz

    16 settembre 2019

    nu drawings on last number of 24 hour race technology 2019 https://www.highpowermedia.com/

  • Porsche LMDh 2022

    21 febbraio 2022

    porsche LMDh back _blades rear diffuser same 919evo

  • Toyota GR010 H vs Glickenhaus 007 LMH

    20 giugno 2022

    inner body air flows _glickenhaus 007 lmh _toyota gr010 h

  • 24 hour race technology

    20 ottobre 2015

    works on 24 hour race technology

  • Panoz DW 2016

    07 luglio 2016

    panoz delta wing front diffuser

  • 6H SPA 2018

    23 maggio 2018

    oreca 07 vgs (yellow)

  • 6H Bahrain 2017

    23 novembre 2017

    toyota ts050 nu small bboards

  • Long Beach Tusc 2015

    19 aprile 2015

    deltawing new flap _left long beach 2015_right plm 2014

  • Problems with e-mail contact

    23 ottobre 2014

    I'm sorry my inbox is broken for two weeks, please contact me again to mad@netfly.it thanks for your valuable support antonio

  • Aragon Test 2014

    27 ottobre 2014

    audi r18 fuel centraline cover _left aragon test_right pre

  • Winter 2011+

    04 marzo 2011

    pescarolo oak new linear tail right

  • Paul Ricard HTTT 2011

    11 marzo 2011

    pescarolo lmp1 left 2009 version right 2011 with tail rounded above and nu air intake for the brake in the belly

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