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  • Toyota TS030 Rear Winglet evo

    29 aprile 2013

    toyota ts030 rear winglet evo + three vertical slots on end diffuser _left_2013_right paul ricard test 2013

  • Onroak Ligier JS P2 lmp2

    26 marzo 2014

    onroak ligier lmp2 _nu front nose dutc _old horizontal winglet (audi r15) onroak ligier lmp2 _sidepod vent exit (red arrow) _inedit fine-tooth comb barge boards

  • Perrinn lmp1 +

    21 marzo 2014

    perrinn lmp1 front diffuser _2014 rules

  • Perrinn lmp1

    15 febbraio 2014

    perrinn is the first lmp car with nu bhholes solution _in yellow

  • Sebring 2013 +

    29 marzo 2013

    audi r18 h bubble inrear fender

  • thanks for your support

    14 febbraio 2014

    thank so much

  • Rebellion R-ONE or Oreca 04?

    04 maggio 2014

    rebellion r-one _peugeot 908 evo_violet _oreca 03_orange _toyota ts030/ts040_green rebellion r-one diffuser _diffuser (oreca 03) trailinf edge (toy ts 040) rebellion r-one rear winglet same oreca 03 rebellion r-one ffender flaps rebellion r-one inner...

  • Winter lifting

    29 novembre 2013

    lola lmp2 mazda engine roof inlet _lola mazda _lola hvm nissan deltawing bhholes 2013_imsa test day lotus lmp2 front duct _2013 shanghai audi r18 suspension duct _2013 shanghai

  • Toyota TS030 Front evo

    27 agosto 2013

    toyota front evo dive plane left_sao paulo_right_le mans toyota front evo _sao paulo_ _le mans toyota front evo left_sao paulo_right_le mans toyota front diffuser strakes

  • Porsche lmp1 +

    15 ottobre 2013

    Porsche 919h lmp1 front diffuser strikes!? (takes from video_very blur) porsche lmp1 rear evo porsche lmp1 rear evo porsche lmp1 front wing gurney porsche lmp1 roof ducts

  • Deltawing LM12 Spyder vs Coupe

    09 ottobre 2013

    deltawing lm12 front _left_coupe_right_spyder deltawing lm12 rear _left_spyder_right_coupe deltawing lm12 rear dutcs _virginia b _virginia a _austin b _austin a

  • Lotus Praga T128 LMP2 evo

    05 ottobre 2013

    lotus lmp2 rear evo left_le mans_right_silverstone lotus lmp2 rear evo left_sao paulo_right_le mans lotus lmp2 rear evo inner view

  • Radical Project Libra

    28 dicembre 2013

    radical libra evo _2013_in yellow _2012

  • ALMS Mosport/Lime Rock 2013

    18 luglio 2013

    delta wing lm12 new side pod brakes duct _2013 version is above mouth radiator delta wing lm12 new side pod ducts 2013_lime rock extension of tunnel diffuser + duct (orange arrows) 2013_mosport second duct (violet arrow) delta wing lm12 new engine cover...

  • Ferrari return at Le Mans !?!*°

    05 agosto 2013

    ferrari lmp1 lm_2015

  • Zytek-Caterham lmp2

    04 giugno 2013

    zytek-caterham z11 sn lmp2 front evo left grave _right caterham

  • Blog Campaign Support

    04 aprile 2013

    blog campaign support great 11 posters lemansprototypes pearl paper 180 gr 30x40cm for more info click here contact us mad@netfly.it

  • Audi r18 Hybrid blown diffuser

    09 maggio 2013

    audi r18 hy blown diffuser _gas exit in ducts between edge diffuser and wheel for more info mulsanne's corner

  • Lemansprototypes on 24h-lemans

    26 marzo 2013

    lemansprototypes on 24h-lemans http://www.24h-lemans.com

  • Lotus Praga T128 LMP2

    01 aprile 2013

    lotus praga t128 lmp2 front fender lotus praga t128 lmp2 rear lotus praga t128 lmp2 side _real car _render

  • 2012 FLASHBACK +

    16 ottobre 2012

    toyota ts030 in left sidepod below the mouth of radiator an air intake naca to cool a control unit

  • Lemansprototypes on Aco Lemans.org

    24 ottobre 2012

    lemansprototypes on aco lemans.org visit lemans.org

  • Paul Ricard Fia WEC Test

    30 marzo 2013

    lola rebellion nu rear wing back view _left 2013_right_2012 lola rebellion nu rear wing front view _left 2013_right_2012

  • 2012 FLASHBACK

    12 ottobre 2012

    lola rebellion lmp1 24h le mans race 2012 left_lm 2012 shutter panels_right_ single long panel norma lmp2 fin with double asimmetric winglet pylons audi r18 hy pull rod suspension for more info visit gurneyflap.com

  • Audi r18 e-tron

    23 ottobre 2012

    audi r18 e-tron undercover rear view pull rod rear suspension _yellow_ rear brake duct has a different path but the vertical splitter inside is same as the 2011

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