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different directions

lola b08/60 vs lola aston martin b09/60

LolaLMp1 up AMLmp1 Low+



radiators inlet s

1_lola b10/60

2_aston martin b09/60

LolaLMp1 fluxRad low+




aston martin
1_airscope with space between roof  irregular
2_airscope without space between roof  regular

astom lmp1 low+



le mans 2009 upgrade

AMLMp1 up low+


  filled the front cut plane

AMLMp1 Nose low+


bodywork side

left b08/60 right b10/60

LolaLMp1 side 2009 low+



side pod radiator exit duct

1_dryson team use it in alms but not a le mans 2010

2_rebellion team le mans 2010

lola sideBb low+

lola amr b09/60 lmp1 front diffuser back view

Lola AMR Sebring FrontDiffuser LOW



lola b10/60 exhaust left up right low side 2010 

Lola Exa B low+



family s tree

LolaC Evo low+



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