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r15 plus cutaway

r15plusCUT low+



r15 vs r15 plus

different airflow inside bodywork up r15 2009 down r15 plus 2010

++audi-r15-tdi side low+



front wings

1_ left r15 plus with 1 front wing and 2 horizontal winglets right r15 with 2 front wing and 1 horizontal winglet

2_r15 plus with winglets evo

++R15 frontwing Plus 01 low+



shutter panels left r15 plus right r15

++r15plus shutter panels vs r15 low+



rear in black r15plus with fender bodywork low central and avanced wing pillars

rear in red r15 with grids behind wheels and undercat bodywork

++r15PlusRear low+



gurney s flap




front wing vortex generators

++r15Plus UnderNose low+

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