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  • LMP2 double face

    30 gennaio 2017

    riley-multimatic MK30 lmp2 front riley MK30 lmp2 rear riley MK30 front fender left_low drag_right high drag riley MK30 side pow with horizontal element in t vanesurning mazda rt24-p dpi_left_riley-multimatic MK30 lmp2_right front mazda rt24-p dpi_left_riley-multimatic...

  • 2015 LM test day

    04 giugno 2015

    nissan gt-r exhaust turbo propeller nissan gt-r mouth sidepod duct porsche bboards nu config _lm test 2015 _spa 2015 porsche 919h nu nose _lm tqualif 2015 _lm test 2015 _spa 2015 porsche 919h vg porsche 919h rear wing end plates split for more info: http://www.racecar-engineering.com/news/revealed-audi-porsches-le-mans-rear-wing-trick/ porsche...

  • Prologue 2017

    27 marzo 2017

    porsche 919H 2017 side evo _spa 2016 _le mans 2016 _nurg 2016 _test 2017 porsche 919H 2017 engine cover remember peugeot 908 _peugeot 908 _porsche 919 h porsche 919h front left_monza_2017_right_spa_2016 porsche 919h front nose flux with central f-duct porsche...

  • 24H Le Mans 2017

    07 giugno 2017

    dallara p217 nose lm config dallara p217 nose config hdownforce oreca 07 nose lm config use a skin on ffender (same riley-multimatic MK30_see lmp2 double face post)) oreca 07 nose hdownforce ligier jsp217 lmp2 nose left lm config_right_hdownforce ligier...

  • Porsche 919 H analysis

    18 settembre 2014

    919 front _left paul ricard_right debut 919 front _left lm_right silverstone 919 front _left magny cours_right lm 919 front _left paul ricard_right debut 919 front _left silverstone_right lm 919 front _left magny cours_right lm 919 rear debut 919 rear...

  • 6H Nurburgring 2016 3rd Evolution

    25 luglio 2016

    porsche 919h nose smooth + holes vent exit porsche 919h rear _left_nurburgring_right lm porsche 919h bboards nu (wip) toyota ts050 nose ultra high downforce toyota ts050 reat ultra high downforce toyota ts050 reat ultra high downforce front diffuser vg toyota...

  • COTA 2014

    18 settembre 2014

    rebellion r-one new front fender + trailing adge _left cota_right lm rebellion r-one new front diffuser rebellion r-one new rear _lefr cota_right lm oreca 03 r rear fender inner louver evo _left lm_right cota lotus t129 side pod test lotus t129 side pod...

  • 6H Silverstone 2017

    15 aprile 2017

    toyota ts050 front bboards toyota ts050 front bboards silverstone (higgh downforce) toyota ts050 front bboards monza 2017 (low downforce) toyota ts050 rear left_monza_right_silverstone toyota ts050 inner rear fender nu config toyota ts050 inner tail vent...

  • Audi R18 2015 Monza Test

    27 aprile 2015

    audi r18 front lm 2015 version left_silverstone_right monza audi r18 front lm 2015 version cut audi r18 rear lm 2015 version left_silverstone_right monza audi r18 side lm 2015 version _silverstone _monza audi r18 rear fender bbhole monza test audi r18...

  • LM 2016

    07 giugno 2016

    toyota ts 050 fin _left hdf_right_ldf toyota ts 050 strakes fdiffuser (at silverstone and spa toyota testing with or without strake_lm test is same?!) toyota ts 050 barge boards same ts040 toyota ts 050 barge boards detail toyota ts050 rear fender tunnel...

  • 24H Le Mans 2014

    14 giugno 2014

    audi r18 h diffuser toyota ts040 rear wing move view https://d3j5vwomefv46c.cloudfront.net/photos/large/857188690.gif?1402996306 rebellion r-one underfloor boards rebellion r-one underfloor board ligier js p2 radiator duct _left hpd engine _right_nissan...

  • 6H Silverstone 2016

    18 aprile 2016

    bykolles clm p1/01 lmp1 front _left_silverstone_right prologue bykolles clm p1/01 front diffuser _second wing [green) with pitch move (same audi r18) alpine a460 lmp2 (fins same oreca 05) audi r18 front fender hole with intake udi r18 sidepod exit vent audi...

  • 6H Nurburgring 2017

    17 luglio 2017

    porsche 919 hd force left nurb_right_le mans porsche 919h rear _left_nurg_right_silverstone porsche 919h rear _left_le mans_right_silverstone porsche 919h undernose left_nurb_right_le mans porsche 919h ffender louvers _left_nurb_right_monza porsche 919h...

  • 6H Spa 2017

    06 maggio 2017

    WEC technical analysis: 6h Spa www.connectingrod.it/6h_Spa WEC technical analysis: Rear diffuser www.connectingrod.it/apri_news by kolles front aerokit nu left_spa_right_silverstone porsche 919h rake _spa _monza porsche 919h fdiffuser vg toyota rear fender...

  • Porsche 919 H 2015

    16 gennaio 2015

    porsche 919h duct air brake rear fender porsche 919h front left_ 2015 paul ricard (brake duct + horizontal bhh. in yellow) right_2015 private test porsche 919h side evo 5_2015 private test 6_2015 paul ricard 3_2014 le mans 4_2014 cota 1_2014 sebring 2_2014...

  • 24H Le Mans pills

    31 luglio 2015

    audi r18 ring on rear wheels audi r18 ffender ducts _lm 2014 (1)_left_spa 2015 (2)_right audi r18 ffender ducts exit spa 2015 (green+blu) lm 2015 (green) toyota ts 040 vg in details toyota ts040 inner front tunnell winglet (yellow arrow) with barge boards nissan...

  • 6H Spa 2016

    09 maggio 2016

    audi r18h version ldforce side _sebring test 2016 _spa 2016 audi r18h version ldforce front _spa 2016_left_sebring test 2016_right audi r18h vg fins inside rear fender audi r18h inner nose barge boards _left_ hdforce_right_ldforce audi r18h front diffuser...

  • Audi R18 2016

    22 marzo 2016

    Audi R18 2016 front evo _left evo_ Audi R18 2016 rear evo _left_evo Audi R18 2016 side evo _below evo_ Audi R18 2016 chassis position (moved back) _2016_blu _2015_red Audi R18 2016 front diffuser flap Audi R18 2016side rear wheel winglet Audi R18 2016...

  • ELMS lmp2 details

    24 maggio 2017

    dallara p217 fdiffuser trailing edge gurney (in red) dallara p217 splitters rfender tunnell dallara p217 trailing edge plane behind wheel is curved ligier jsp217 bboards oreca 07 front diffuser oreca 07 rfender tunnel splitter oreaca 07 rear airbrakes...

  • Nissan GT-R LM

    02 febbraio 2015

    Nissan gt-r lm sidepod tunnel aero flux Nissan gt-r lm front duct mouth[sidepod tunnel] Nissan gt-r lm rear body end [sidepod tunnel] Nissan gt-r lm rear [sidepod tunnel] Nissan gt-r lm front diffuser [back view] Nissan gt-r lm front diffuser extention...

  • 2016 Pills

    21 novembre 2016

    audi r18h lm version 2016_left_2015---.right audi front diffuser back view audi r18 bboards audi r18 2nd front wing pitching toyota ts050 flux inside rear fender porsche 919h bboards lm 2016 porsche 919h bboards Nurburgring 2016 bykolles lmp1 cover engine...

  • Dome S103

    14 aprile 2015

    dome s103 lmp2 front dome s103 lmp2 chassis wing dome s103 lmp2 front fender louvers dome s103 lmp2 rear dome s103 lmp2 rear fender flap dome s103 lmp2 front tow

  • Toyota ts040 2015

    27 marzo 2015

    toyota ts040 2015 front left #2 mouth_right #1 mouth toyota ts040 2015 rear left 2015_ right_2014 toyota ts040 2015 front trailing edge evo toyota ts040 2015 front fender bhh 2015 2014 toyota ts040 2015 front fender + louvers car #1 toyota ts040 2015...

  • HPD ARX 04b

    14 gennaio 2015

    hpd arx 04b rear fendet detail acura arx-02 front diffuser are same hpd arx 04b front diffuser hpd arx 04b rear hpd arx 04b front fendet under flap flux hpd arx 04b front fendet bhh flux

  • Oreca 05

    06 marzo 2015

    oreca 05 lmp2 (left) vs rebellion r-one lmp1 (right) front nose oreca 05 lmp2 (left) vs rebellion r-one lmp1 (right) inner nose oreca 05 lmp2 (left) vs rebellion r-one lmp1 (right) rear oreca 05 lmp2 rebellion r-one lmp1 front fender oreca 05 lmp2 front...

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