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23 agosto 2012 4 23 /08 /agosto /2012 20:20

hpd lmp1 double gurney s flap

HPD ARX 03a rear fender silverAB low





toyota lmp1 hybrid rear evo

from left_debut_spa_silverstone

TS030 rear Evo3 low





toyota ts030

front fender end extension_yellow arrow

Toyota FrontFenderSide Low





toyota ts030 hyb

left_nu aero pack_yellow

ToyotaTS030frontSilver low

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11 agosto 2012 6 11 /08 /agosto /2012 18:22

toyota hybrid lmp1 front diffuser back view

from frame of video of first shake down

first version of diffuser have a trailing edge simply and without blades

toy nose first low

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3 agosto 2012 5 03 /08 /agosto /2012 21:40

a new wave of aerodynamic development

_lotus t128 lmp2_black

_audi r18 e-tron lmp1_red

LotusLMP2 side low

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23 luglio 2012 1 23 /07 /luglio /2012 14:08

audi r18 at targa florio '70

build a dream with 3d graphics


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2 luglio 2012 1 02 /07 /luglio /2012 15:43

dome lmp1 inner front fender

a hollow inside the fender to prevent friction for use of big wheels

DomeS102 InnerFFender low






toyota lmp1 front fender side view

_front fender with an inedit high cut for air brakes exit

Toyota FrontFenderFlux low





dome s102.5 front fender

_body extension on inner edge of front fender for air brake vent exit_red arrow

DomeS102 ShutterPanels2012 LMRLow





lola lmp1 rebellion

_small cut on the cover of the  air intake of the brakes_yellow

lola 12 60 LMP1 front LMans2012 Low





oreca 03 lmp2 rear diffuser with  vortex generator s strakes

Oreca 03Nissan rearDiffuser low





oreca lmp2 nissan front diffuser with vortex generator_in yellow/red arrow

Oreca 03Nissan NoseBackView Low





audi r18 e-tron  front duct  lower air brakes is a wing profile

r18 brakes wingDuct copia low

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25 giugno 2012 1 25 /06 /giugno /2012 09:49

pescarolo lmp1 front diffuser

Pescarolo 03 NoseBackView low





toyota ts030 h undernose diffuser

Toyota UnderNose low





zytek zn11sn lmp2 greaves motorsport bhholes

_lm 2012

_spa 2012

Zytek lmp2-BHH Lm2012Low





zytek lmp2 chassis

Zytek lmp2 chassis low





pescarolo lmp1 tail

_left amr-one_right pescarolo 03

Pescarolo 03 tail Low





pescarolo 03 inner nose flux

left_pescarolo_right amr-one

Pescarolo 03 InnerFront Low





pescarolo 03 nu radiators duct

Pescarolo 03 Innerduct2 Low

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12 giugno 2012 2 12 /06 /giugno /2012 11:45

audi r18 e-tron inner front nose

hybrid system duct cooling

r18 frontduct 2012 e-tron 2 low




delta wing cutaway

DW Cut2 Low





hpd arx 03a rear fender

_le mans 2012_trailing edge in arx 1e style_left

_spa 2012_trailing edge linear_right

HPD ARX 03a rear fender trailing edge LM 2012 Low





lola lmp1 b12/60 rebellion

front nose back view

Lola b12 60 back nose low





lola lmp2 b12/80 gulf middle east racing shutter panels

above_lm 2012 multiple panels

under_sebring 2012 one panel

lola 12 80 louvers LM2012Low





dome pescarolo lmp1 24h lm 2012

left_nu edge rear wing _yellow

DomeS102 RearLM2012Low





dome pescarolo lmp1

left_ front diffuser_nu trailing edge with double tunnel

DomeS102 5E FF 2012LMLow


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5 giugno 2012 2 05 /06 /giugno /2012 14:20

toyota ts030 aerodinamic

_front diffuser blames

toy ts030H nose low





toyota ts030 aerodinamic

_louvers above front fender inner tunnel

Toyota TS030 Louvers low







toyota ts030 aerodinamic

_underbody floor with three vertical flaps

TS030 floor2 low






oreca 03 lmp2

new bhholes front fender

Oreca 03HoleFender2012 LM test Low





delta wing rear bodywork

use a mechanism for raising and lowering the flaps on trailing edge

Delta W R Flap ABC low





lola b12/80

left_yellow_skin on bodywork for low drag

lola 12 80 front LMtest2012Low





pescarolo 03 inner ducts

_pescarolo 03


Pescarolo 03 Innerduct lo

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1 giugno 2012 5 01 /06 /giugno /2012 20:42

pescarolo 03 lmp1 inner tunnel front fender

Pescarolo 03 frontFenderBW low





toyota ts030 rear wing






hpd arx03b

_new turbo duct and vertical flap front fender lmp1 style_in yellow_lm test 2012

_sebring 2012

HPDLmp2 Duct LMtest2012Low





lola b 12/60 rear fender

all lolas lmp1/lmp2 have a concave rear fender (yellow)

Lolalmp1 12 rear fendertestLMlow-copia-1





oreca 03 front fender

left_test day lm 2012

right_sebring 2012

Oreca 03 EdgeNose LM2012 lower





oak morgan lmp2 long nose

Pesca Morgan LMP2 nose low





toyota  ts030 diffuser

ts030 evo return to old trailing adge

TS030 FrontDiffuser lo





toyota  ts030 inner nose evolution

ts030_lm test days


Toyota Hybrid TS030 FrontLower


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30 maggio 2012 3 30 /05 /maggio /2012 23:21

amr_one vs pescarolo 03

Pescarolo 03 lo





pescarolo 03 side

_in black_pescarolo 03

_in red_aaston martin amr-one

Pescarolo 03 side low

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