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    20 luglio 2011

    audi r18 front diffuser !?#*

  • Toyota TS030

    11 agosto 2012

    toyota hybrid lmp1 front diffuser back view from frame of video of first shake down first version of diffuser have a trailing edge simply and without blades

  • Oreca 03 R

    28 maggio 2014

    oreca 03r new trailing edge rear fender _left lm test_ oreca 03r new front fender _lm 2014 _oreca 03 front fender

  • Audi r18 Monza test 2014

    23 aprile 2014

    audi r18 louvers evo _left_monza test_paul ricard _left_prologue pr _right_presentation audi r18 evo for le mans front fender _left_monza test_right_silverstone audi r18 evo for le mans (long tail)rear _left silverstone_right_monza test audi r18 evo for...

  • Toyota TS040

    27 marzo 2014

    toyota ts040 front diffuser trailing edge flap _ts040 with gurney _ts030 toyota ts040 front nose _double version toyota ts040 rear wing old school end plate toyota ts040 front fender holes (back view)

  • Deltawing DWC13 Elan 12h Sebring

    26 marzo 2014

    deltawing rear _left_2014 sebring with traditional gurney s and rear wing (red arrow) _right_2013

  • Dome S103

    12 febbraio 2014

    dome s 103 strakka render difference _a _b dome s 103 scale model difference for wind tunnel _a _b dome s 103 scale model difference for wind tunnel _rear a _rear a _tunnel sidepod a

  • 6h Fuji

    25 ottobre 2013

    Zytek front dive plane _fuji 2013 _sebring 2013 _season 2012

  • Porsche lmp1

    27 agosto 2013

    porsche lmp1 front view porsche lmp1 side view porsche lmp1 rear view _bhhole inside rear fender _one exhaust left side_red arrow porsche lmp1 chassis big holes for hybrid system same audi?!#_red arrow

  • Spa 2013 +

    14 maggio 2013

    lola toyota reb lmp1 front end diffuser knife split tunnel edge toyota lmp1 rear fender side slot exit vent

  • Audi R18 H Test Monza

    23 aprile 2013

    audi r18 nu aerodinamyc for le mans new extra long rear _left silverstone_right_test monza 2013 audi r18 nu aerodynamic for le mans front diffuser_new trailing edge in toyota style

  • Lotus T128 lmp2

    12 dicembre 2012

    lotus t128 side view rendering evo_yellow

  • Audi R18 evo 2013

    06 dicembre 2012

    audi r18 front fender evo _2012_spa winter test_ff side is full closed _2012_season_ff with intake for airbrakes vent exit

  • HPD arx 03c

    04 dicembre 2012

    hpd arx 03c nose left arx03c_right arx03a hpd arx 03c ffender louvers left_arx03c aragon 2012_arx03a le mans 2012_arx03a sebring 2012

  • Oak Pescarolo Honda

    29 ottobre 2012

    oak racing lmp1 front fender side louvers vent brakes exit _fuji and shanghai 2012

  • Toyota hy lmp1 vs Audi r8 lmp

    21 settembre 2012

    toyota hybrid lmp1 _left_ vs _audi r8 lmp 2004_right_ rear wing trailing edge

  • Lemansprototypes on Mulsanne's Corner

    01 settembre 2012

    lemansprotoypes on mulsanne's corner audi r15 dive planes sidepod www.mulsannescorner.com

  • WEC 2012 6H Silverstone

    23 agosto 2012

    hpd lmp1 double gurney s flap toyota lmp1 hybrid rear evo from left_debut_spa_silverstone toyota ts030 front fender end extension_yellow arrow toyota ts030 hyb left_nu aero pack_yellow

  • LOTUS T128 vs AUDI R18 e-tron

    03 agosto 2012

    a new wave of aerodynamic development _lotus t128 lmp2_black _audi r18 e-tron lmp1_red

  • Audi R18 at Targa Florio '70

    23 luglio 2012

    audi r18 at targa florio '70 build a dream with 3d graphics


    30 maggio 2012

    amr_one vs pescarolo 03 pescarolo 03 side _in black_pescarolo 03 _in red_aaston martin amr-one

  • HPD ARX 03A

    30 maggio 2012

    hpd lmp1 strakka new fenders for 24h le mans hpd arx 03a rear fender evo_in yellow hpd lmp1 strakka new fenders design hpd arx 03a front fender evo_in yellow


    26 maggio 2012

    pescarolo 03 front pescarolo 03_black aston martin amr-one_in red

  • TRUTH IN 24 II

    25 maggio 2012

    a documentary audi truthin24.com

  • 6H Spa +

    23 maggio 2012

    audi r18 ultra/e-tron the underfloor with an curved extension around the front tyres for better airflow under sidepods

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